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Casino Online Malaysia – MBA66 – Terms Of Use - Settlement Of Transactions

  • To use a debit or credit card, the cardholder’s name need to be the same as the name given in the registration process. This casino online Malaysia has the right to withhold settlement of every transaction should there be discrepancies between the name given in the registration process and the cardholder’s name. 
  • Customers are responsible for paying all money owed to the casino or/and other members. In respect of any payment customers made, if the provider of this casino online Malaysia suspect that customers have attempted to engage or engaged in improper, dishonest, unlawful, or fraudulent activity while using the website, including without limitation, engaging in game manipulation which uses stolen credit cards, or any other fraudulent activity (such as any chargeback, mony laundering, or other reversal of a payment). This casino online Malaysia shall be entitled to take such action when it sees fit, including instantly blocking access to the website, suspending or/and closing customers’ account, seizing every mony held in customers’ account in Mas8 and sharing this information (together with the identity of customers) with other relevant authorities, financial institutions, online gaming sites, and/or any entity or person that has the legal right to such info. This casino online Malaysia might also take legal action against customers. Any expense incurred by shall be claimed from customers. 
  • In accordance with the Isle of Man’s laws, every online gambling debt would be enforceable by law. 
  • The maximum amount that could be won by 1 customer in any single day of betting, is USD$500,000, regardless of the stake, or its equivalent in a currency that is accepted. 
  • Winnings are exclusive of betting amounts. Where choices taken from different categories are combined in accumulative or multiple bets, the lowest maximum amount of winnings limit would apply. 
  • Should funds be credited to customers’ account in error, it is customers’ responsibility to notify this casino online Malaysia of the error without delaying. Any winning prior to the notification and subsequent to the error of Mas8, whether or not linked to the error, shall be deemed invalid and need to be returned to the casino.

Casino Online Malaysia – Mas8 – Terms Of Use – Withdrawal Of Money From Customers’ Account

  • Customers’ winnings would be credited to their account and might be withdrawn just in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of this casino online Malaysia and upon provision of a copy of valid photographic identification or/and debit/credit card to their satisfaction. 
  • The provider of the casino would not release customers’ funds under any circumstance if the entire value of customers’ deposit is not played through in total. 
  • All deposit are required to meet one time the deposit’s rollover amount at least before any withdrawal could be made. For example:

– Deposit = MYR 100

– Rollover requirement = 1 x MYR 100 = MYR 100


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