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Casino Marker are lines of credit that allow users of high-level games to easily access large sums of cash. Candidates for a scoreboard must submit an application to the casino’s credit department where the user’s financial solvency is examined and the final credit line is determined. Casino Marker are short-term, interest-free loans.

However, the refund must be fast or the customer faces high interest rates and possible criminal charges.

casino marker


Casino Marker allow users the ability to access an interest-free loans to easily and quickly access large sums of cash. Many players prefer to take cash from a bookmark as a convenient and attractive alternative to carry large sums of money in and out of a casino.


The users of casinos use markers to avoid the payment of tariffs for the ATMs and the cash advances of the credit cards. The borrowed money has no interest and the payment is not made for 15 days to 30 days, depending on the amount and the credit policy of the casinos. The markers usually start at $ 500 and increase at the discretion of the casinos.

Time frame

Customers seeking a line of credit must complete an application that requires financial and banking information that is provided to credit card companies. Users can send the information online or by mail and must do so approximately two weeks before their visit to the casino. The casino staff determines the credit risk of the user, examines the client’s ability to pay and approves the amount of the credit line. The decision takes about a week.


Once the Casino Marker are approved, users inform the staff of their intention to use the line of credit when they are seated in a board game. The table games supervisor accesses the user’s information through the computer and completes the corresponding documentation. The employer signs the documentation and is given the appropriate amount of credit in chips. A receipt is given to the user to use when paying the bookmark. It is usual for customers to return the score before leaving the casino if they have enjoyed a winning session.


Many users believe that getting credit in a casino is easy, especially in Las Vegas. However, according to game expert Frank Scoblete, casinos in Atlantic City require in-depth information that includes the net worth of a user. Many people also believe that a bookmark is totally interest free. However, interest charges of 18 percent and more are charged if full payment is not received within the agreed timeframe.


Not paying a Casino Marker is a serious offense. In major gaming cities, such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, non-payment of bookmarks is considered a felony. Users who can not pay bookmarks within the specified time should contact the casino’s credit department. The casino will work with the client to create a payment plan, with interest charges, instead of filing criminal charges.

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