Special Features in Roulette

One of the ways that players make roulette fun is by wagering on special patterns of numbers. It could be their telephone number or birth date or wedding anniversary. These patterns include put their chips at various different locations on the roulette layout. Let says the player wants to wager on a given pattern a large number of times again then placing the bet each time can get cumbersome. In order to prevent this online casino Malaysia has introduced some special features in its roulette games.

      Actually the software can save a number of patterns for the player and later the player can use an auto play feature in which he can choose one of the patterns that have been saved. The procedure starts by laying out the chips in the crave pattern on the roulette layout. The player then clicks the “Save Bet Layout” button. In the space provided in the box that opens the player type in the name for that pattern. The name should be such that the player can simply relate to the pattern. After entering the name the player clicks the Save button in order to save the pattern. In this manner a number of patterns can be saved.

Making money be easier to play online casino Malaysia

           If the player wants to remove a saved pattern then he has to again open this box, pick the pattern to be deleted and click the Delete button. When the player wants to use any of the saved patterns in a repeated number of spins he clicks the Auto Play button to open the auto play box. He then enters the number of spins that he wants to run the game for. Then from the drop-down menu he selects the desired pattern. This pattern is revealed on the roulette layout within the auto play box. The idea is that the player can be doubly sure that he has chosen the right pattern. The total wagered per spin for that pattern is designed in the appropriate cell. The player might want to wager the first spin with RM1 chips, the second spin with RM2 chips, the third spin with RM3 chips and then repeat the sequence during the auto spins. After entering the Auto Play box the player selects Repeat as the Bet Type. In the boxes that open he enters 1 in the first box, 2 in the second box and 3 in the third box and then proceeds as before. When the auto play commences the roulette layout will have five RM1 chips in the desired position, the second spin will have five RM2 chips in those positions, the third spin will have five RM3 chips in those positions, and the fourth spin will have five RM1 chips in those positions and so on.

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Online gaming in scr888 with great bonus

Online gaming in scr888 casino with great bonus

Scr888 casino is the largest and most reputable casino online malaysia and it offers an array of online casino games. Get to know some basics about scr888 casino by reading this article, so you will be able to master this life scr888 casino. Scr888 initial casino is used by 1 users of Software Informer.


Online games SCR888:

In fact, the most popular version of this product among users is 1.0. SCR888 Casino has recently been transformed into a version for more users, which is an online casino site customer friendly. SCR888 casino offers a variety of unlimited choice of casino games for all players.

In essence, scr888 casino offers customers features live casino games with live dealers, taking the casino experience to a whole new level. In addition, it offers better odds of winning their game is based more hidden, more traditional casinos. There are over 60 different types of casino games, including Blackjack, Coyote Cash, Gold Beard, and so on.

You do not need to go too deep to uncover some of the most impressive creatures of the Earth. Great Blue Slots games offer players a window into the wide, deep dark including pluralism of our planet – the ocean. With 5 rolls and 25 paylines full of strange creatures like pearls, coral fish, starfish, sea turtles, seahorses, orcas, sharks and that is plus hydro brilliant graphics and sounds appealing, the slots Great Blue simply qualifies as one of the most attractive online slot games at our casino online Scr888

Big payouts

Note: To get the maximum payment amount, remember to Bet Max. The amount listed below will be multiplied by the number of large coin maximum jackpot hit!

Large green bonuses

There are a number of bonus features for the large green slot, containing:

Count 5 Pearls (the first image dispersion) on 5 rolls and you will win your workers by 5x.

Count 3 Shells (other scattered images) and you’ll trigger the bonus round during which you will choose from a selection of 2 shell to reveal 5 free spins and multiply.

Press Orca (natural) anywhere on the reels, and any winning combination while shooting will be doubled!

After a winning spin, you can activate the Gamble feature. Choose whether the top card on the deck is black or red after the bet up to double your income. If you do it right, you will gain a lot of money, but if you are wrong, you will lose money won during your previous spin!

If that is not enough for adventure as you do, activate a bonus feature to achieve more. Gamble feature can be a discovery for the most dangerous players. Then select the color card. It can be red or black. If you guessed correctly – your prize. The maximum amount you can double your prize is $ 2,000. You were sensational yellow waters of happiness and achieve great online games to play slot machines SCR888 malaysia now. Good luck!

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Warnings for players of Machine Slot Machine


Introduction of Malaysia Slot Game

KOTA KINABALU: The number of games with gambling slots creating in the Malaysia Slot Machine elector is worrying, Senator Paul Kong Sing Chu said.

Kong said he accorded with John Ambrose that there were too many slot betting games in the town and this had resulted in many bets regarding problems of Malaysia slot machine.

“In the Negara sitting nowadays I told the Finance Ministry about the high number of assertion creating slot games in Malaysia and what steps would the State take to barrier betting activities and shut down these teams as well.

“I am balked with the acknowledgement that the State does not have any strategy to review their existence.

“Why is it that such teams are not even admitted to create in Sarawak?” he told, putting that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI) had in July 2010 show an announcement to Prime Minister Seri during his visit to Kota and the announcement abused that Sabah loses as much as RM1.80 billion every year through betting games.

online betting Malaysia

Tips for players of Malaysia Slots

The Sabah MCA Liaison deputy chief told that the antiphon from the Finance Ministry also asked that there are 45 Malaysia online gambling slot machine teams creating in Sabah and the number of admittance done has not been raised since 1998.

The ministry stated that seven of these teams were creating in the faction and all the 45 assertion must abide to the ranks and disallowances done for them under the Lottery Act 1052 and the terms and conditions under Section 27A of the Popular Gaming House Act 1953 as well.

All the teams also have to advocate the gaming slot’s duty as place which will be staked under an amalgamate fund.

The ministry also asked that the State has no ambition at the moment to shut down the teams but it will take action against any of this assertion if they failed to abide by and adhere to the roles and regulations.

When the online slot is operating can afford high abundance electromagnetic waves, the slot game on the motherboard on the chip, spending the Malaysia slot machine game agitation board, a coin collector, on key points, and great field RF, signal can access inside the game, cable, resistor, accommodation, chip, IC SCM, transistors and so on, signal interference on integrated ambit after get points or coin, the slot machine will automatically divide or coin, electric application is constructed of electronic components, so that electrical engineers headache is the most special high frequency ultrahigh frequency electromagnetic interference,electromagnetic interference, this problem is now and in the future to get through the problem, the problem is the biggest blemish of the slot game. Currently the penny games would mean to the wager amount to be affixed at only 1 penny each pay line or in the other word for every single reel as the row in the past would currently have only one in the first slot game. That could be the history of its name – penny game machine.


Online casino Malaysia – How to be able to join in it in the best way?

  How to be able to join Online casino Malaysia in the best way?

If you are a crazy fan of casinos, if you have an endless fascination with them, I am sure, you can not ignore online casino Malaysia. casino online malaysia is a series of great online casino games, which if you choose and participate in, you will surely be pleased with the great experience, and have many opportunities to become the best winner with prizes great. So have you ready to join online casino Malaysia, and do you know how to participate in online casino Malaysia in a most effective and have the chance to become a winner?


About online casino Malaysia

Online casino Malaysia is a collection of over one hundred and fifty great online casinos. They include more than a hundred and fifty of the outstanding products of leading software companies in the world. In addition, the games of online casino Malaysia are also checked carefully by the prestigious organization from safety, fairness and security before they are hit the market. So, with online casino Malaysia, you will experience the most amazing games in terms of quality and safety. So, how to join in online casino Malaysia in the best way?

How to be able to join in online casino Malaysia in the best way?

To be able to join in online casino Malaysia in the best way, the first thing you have to pay attention to your game. You should choose a game which suits your betting level, your tastes and your preferences. Once you join highway king slot game in online casino Malaysia which suits you, you can join it in the most comfortable and the most exciting. Do not just stop there, you have to understand all aspects of your games from the rules of the game, how to bet, how to start, how to use game features to how to collect to game symbols? When you understand that, you can join in your game confidently and your chances of winning will increase.

The second is establishing a suitable betting limit. A betting limit is said to be suitable if it fits with your money or your account. And you have to remember, you are only betted in the limit. That is the best way to help you protect your money and give you more opportunities to engage more online casino in the next times.

The last, whether you’re a winner or a loser, you must know your limit in your online casino game. You should play your games the most rational way, you should know when you should stop, when you should continue to play, how much money you should bet and how many times you should bet. Because the games of online casino Malaysia are games of chance, you can easily win, but vice versa, you can lose everything. So, you have to know the stops to protect your pocketbook.


Online casino Malaysia is the best selection that you should not ignore. When you participate in online casino Malaysia, you only need to pay attention to some rules that I listed above, you can easily play your game effectively and win great prizes. Let’s start now.

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Online casino Malaysia – some rules that can make you become a winner

Online casino Malaysia – some rules 

Online casino Malaysia is not only a beautiful country with high growth rates in the region and in the world, it is also an advanced country where is famous with many online casino games. Coming to online casino malaysia, you will not only be visited the famous landmarks, you can also be immersed yourself in a world of great casino games. So, if you have not chance to visit Malaysia and participate in the great casinos, you can still participate in great online casinos with online casino Malaysia. So, have you joined in online casino Malaysia yet?


Introduce to online casino Malaysia

Besides casinos, online casino Malaysia is also considered as a highly profitable industry in Malaysia. It is a collection of over one hundred and fifty great online casinos which you can choose to participate in your home instead of spending time and money to go to real casinos. The games of online casino Malaysia are safety and quality, they are not only great products from reputable suppliers in the world, but also they are the safety games which are controlled strictly by the government and are checked by the prestigious organizations. So, how can participate in online casino Malaysia in your home effectively? I have some rules that can help you.

Some rules that can help you participate in online casino Malaysia in your home effectively

To play online casino Malaysia effectively and win, you should read and remember some following rules.

The first rule you have to do is select the most appropriate game. This sound easily, but if you do not select carefully, you will play a game that is not good and this can directly affect your victory. A game is considered to be suitable game for you, is the game suits your level, your taste and your preference.

The second rule, after you choice for yourself a matching game, you should try to play it. Each provider will definitely give players free trials. The free trial has important role with your victory, it help you get familiar with your game and have an honest view about it. It really is a necessary preparation.

The third rules, you should limit your account which you use to gamble. The games of online casino Malaysia are games of chance, so if you do not limit your account, you can lose everything in a moment.

The last rules, in the process of your game, if you have any questions, you should ask the previous players confidently. This will help you understand your game and thanks to that, you can participate in it a most effective way and have many opportunities to become winners with highway king slot game at online casino Malaysia  .

In short

To play online casino Malaysia effectively and win, you should remember some rules that I listed above. Online casino Malaysia is a collection of amazing games which make you happy. Don’t be hesitate, let’s start as soon as possible..

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Tips for playing Great Blue slot

Tips for playing Great Blue slot game

  • General introduction

Great Blue slot game is known to be one of the easiest games that launched by Playtech – the leading online gaming provider around the world. Most of people who like playing this slot also because it is very easy to play and player can win enormous prizes. However, do you know the fastest and simplest way to beat great blue slot game? This article will give you the answer.

People often think that this slot game does not require any skills to play because it is very easy. However, there will be some advisory tips to beat Great Blue slot in the easiest way.


  • Tips for playing Great Blue

For your information, slot machine malaysia has total 25 pay lines and 5 reels that allow players to get prizes from combination on horizontal, zigzag or diagonal reels. This slot machine is a game depending on luck, so in order to win by the fastest way you have to depend on both your luck and bonuses you have. If you want to win more and more bonuses, you have to gather more than 3 clam shells on any spin many times. With each time of them, you will go to the bonus round as well as add up to 15 free spins. This has very important meaning. For instance, when you play at a high level, and you are very nearly the winning; however, you do not have any way to attain this winning. In this case, you have to use the bonuses that you attained in bonus round to gain the winning.

Another way to get the winning fastest as well as easiest is you need to balance between your goal and ability of betting. It means that you should not bet the things you are not able to afford to win. I suggest you should play free version first in order to to know your ability. If you try to bet a high amount with the expectation of getting the highest prizes, it is just useless.

As I have mentioned, this slot game is a lucky game, so if you want more thrilling as well as adventurous for your game, let’s try the gamble feature. This is feature only offered in Great Blue slot game that allowed players to double their winning by guessing the right card’s color. There are two cards with two different colors: red and black. If your selection matches with the selection of system, your prize will multiply by 2 times. If you are not lucky enough, the main game still carries on for the next chance.

  • Summary

Keep in mind that this is lust only a game, so just keep cool and relax when playing Great Blue slot game. Nevertheless, you have to pay attention to your mood. You have to know how much you win or lose in order to know when to stop.

Now, let’s go to malaysia online casino and enjoin Great Blue slot and have a relaxing times.

SCR888 Casino Online – victory opportunities for everyone

Among all the online casino market, SCR888 is considered the leading online casino for online slots games. Slot game fans will often choose SCR888 through other online casino of choice for a variety of slot games and win great payment. Besides, the SCR888 is also very stable on mobile gaming. system stability and reliability. So if you are looking for the best experience to play slot games cell phones, SCR888 really is the best option available on the market.

SCR888 only online slot game

However, there are a lot of requests from online casino players related products available SCR888. We fully understand that SCR888 focused mainly on slots games market. Given that they’ve really done a great job in creating the perfect platform for the online slot games, we feel that they should also take the time to develop online casino games in the foundation of they are good. There are many casino players have made the switch from land casino to online casino platforms due to the convenience and rewarding casino bonus that they will get to indulge in the online casino. Some of these players will really enjoy playing casino games online casino such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat and sic bo is good.

Malaysia online sport betting

12Win for online casino games

The next best option is for the online casino games online casino will 12Win. 12Win online casino offers some of the leading products for the online slot games and casino games online. Similarly SCR888, 12Win also offer online slot games to be played on a smartphone mobile phones. Besides, the slot game players will also be able to find a variety of online slot games in the casino 12Win. These amazing slots games in graphic and payments is one of the best online casinos. Besides, casino players will also find regular updates of new slot games in the casino 12Win. There are many slot games with different themes in this casino. Each slot game is unique in its own way a casino and its players will definitely find something to suit them in their list of slot games.

Land casino experience in 12Win

Besides, 12Win casino also offers online casino games can be played directly on the desktop or smart phone users. 12Win striving to improve the experience real live casino games by providing a live stream of casino games to the user equipment. In the live casino games, casino players will be able to see the live dealer roulette ball games or cards for each bet. Casino players can have the experience of playing the game is really their favorite casino just as if they were in a land casino. 12Win bet in live casino is easy and simple. Even beginners will be required to spend only a short time before knowing how to use all the functions available in the casino game mode directly.

There are plenty of opportunities for everyone to win, join SCR888 casino now to have their fun time!


Online casino Malaysia – the prestigious online casino that give you the true experiences

Online casino Malaysia – the prestigious online casino that hepl you the true experiences

In Malaysia, online casino is regarded as an industry which earned huge profits for investors. It helps the investors and software developers get rich quickly, and on the other hand, it also helps many players around the world gain a large number of money. Unlike real casinos which if you want to take part in, you have to go to the real casino, spend a lot of time and money to take part in. With online casino malaysia, all you need is your computer with a network connection, your short time, and a bit of your money and you can join the best casino that you want and become the best winner with many rewards.


Some introductions about online casino Malaysia  

Said the casino is a highly profitable field is not wrong. Online casino in Malaysia is an industry with a yearly turnover of 14.5 billion according to the official measurements. The country houses 70+ online casino houses, 100k+ slot machines and about 25k+ temporary online casino and bingo-type founding. The online casino of Malaysia is named online casino Malaysia. It is a collection of over one hundred and fifty reputed online casinos which comes from reputable suppliers, leading software companies in the world. In addition, the games of online casino Malaysia are also licensed and strictly monitored by the government turning, so you can be assured of the quality and safety of them.

So, why you have to take part in online casino Malaysia?

With online casino Malaysia, you can become rich if you participate in online casino and with a little luck. The games of online casino Malaysia are online casino, but when you take part in them, you still have a chance to win the grand prize which is equivalent to the real casinos. There are many players think the award at the online casino Malaysia is only symbolic prize, of course, they are wrong. If you know how to participate in the game of slot game great blue, how to bet and how to stop in time, you can become rich overnight with the big prize.

In addition, with online casino Malaysia, joining the casino has never been easier. Instead of spending a lot of time and money to go to casino and bet, now, you do not need to go anywhere, you just stay at your home and you can still participate in the attractive casino games, and become the winner. If you worry about the betting games are not as attractive as in real casinos, you do not need to worry, with the wonderful interface and great graphics that similar to the real casino, you can fully experience the best gambling experiences and have the most authentic feeling.

In short

Online casino Malaysia is the best choice for all players which not only it gives players the amazing online casino games, online gambling games, but also it gives players the ability to take a great reward. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start now.

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How To Create A SCR888 Casino Account?

  1. What Is SCR888 Casino?

SCR888 casino is considered as one of the best gambling platforms in Malaysia. SCR888 casino is designed to bring its customers the great gambling experiences, professional live dealer games as well as other traditional online slot games. As you know that SCR888 provides its casino players with a lot of awesome features including  beautiful and experienced Asian and Western live dealers, live lobby view, and more importantly, more kinds of online casino games.

At SCR888 casino, you can get a chance to be awarded a higher percentage of payout if you make a comparison between its payout percentage and other land-based casinos’ payout percentage. Moreover, you will be capable of winning more jackpots than normal. You can also enjoy other features of SCR888 casino at the comfort of your own home like being at a Las Vegas casino.

SCR888 casino has licensed online casino games, and all of them are performed strictly under the control of Gaming Control Board rules. Join this casino right now and enjoy casino games by making a choice of Blackjack, Roulette, Slot games, Poker Progressives and other traditional casino games, which will offer you more winning chances.


In order to make sure the process of generating random number is surely fair, software offered by this casino must be passed over some independent tests by casino experts. Additionally, if you get any question about this casino’s products and services, SCR888 customer care team will be ready to help you. In case you need any help, the customer care team is always here on the 24/7 basis. You can contact with this team through telephone, chat and e-mail.  

  1. How To Get A SCR888 Account?

Nowadays, online casino players can choose between online SCR888 casino and land-based casino. SCR888 casino is available on all of the smart devices. Online players can play casino games every time and everywhere they are. Let’s sign up SCR888 today and enjoy the casino games offered at the comfort of your own home.

In order to access online gambling products and gaming experience well, you have to get a SCR888 casino account. If you get started with a demo casino account, use the login details. They contain username: 0168387743 as well as password: gobet888. In case you want to create a live account, you need to follow some instructions. At first, SCR888 casino can be accessed by clicking m.scr888.com in your browser, and then you get started downloading this application. After the downloading is done, you will have to install it. Secondly, open this application that you have installed. After that, select your language, and then fill in with your username and password that is offered by GoBet88. Next, scroll it from left to right and then you can click on any game that you would like to play. Finally, read the rules of your favorite game and practice playing it.

With amazing promotions and various deposit bonuses, SCR888 casino will be one of the best options for you to get entertained and earn a cash prize from that.  
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Go on a sea journey with Great Blue slot machine

Great Blue slot game is fast becoming a cult classic with its majestic undersea theme, beautiful and great animations, background music, bubbling sound effects as well as colorful underwater creatures. This game also has an addition of the stacked wild, bonus game, free spin, big multiplier as well as profitable gamble feature. Go and check out Great Blue slot machine in order to dive deeply into those big winning chances.The game can be found in casino online Malaysia.

  • The feature symbols of the Great Blue slot

Great Blue video slot machine designs with plenty of adorable underwater dwellers. The Great Blue’s biggest creatures consist of the starfish, the yellow stripy fish, the seahorse, the turtle, the whale (Great Blue himself) and last bit not least, the magical pink sea shell.

The whale is considered as the wild symbol which can take place of all other symbols in the game, except for the pink clam shell, and also multiply all payouts by 2 times. When the whale shows up on the reels he does an amazing animated flip on the air in excitement. Collect 5 whales on the reels in order to earn 10,000x your bet. This is a wonderful payout from the wild symbol as well as one of the best regular payouts in online game slots.

Go on a sea journey with Great Blue slot machine

The pink clam shell is considered the scatter in Great Blue slot game. Try to collect 5 of the pink clam shells on the reels in order to get 500x your bet. If you land more than 3 clam shells you will earn 8 free spins and a 2x multiplier as well as trigger the Bonus Game.

In the Bonus Game, pick 2 out of 5 clam shells in order to win up to 33 free spins and a 15x multiplier. There is no limit of free spins to be won if you keep landing the clam shells in this round, so this is the real one to aim for.

Stacked wilds feature in Great Blue slot game means the payouts can be very high. This magical slot has quite a high variance though; therefore, it can be a circle of wins and losses. To offset the high variance in payouts, take it slow with your bets and build up your bankroll gradually, then when the free spins hit, you can rake in the coins.

  • Highlight feature in the Great Blue slot

The Gamble option on Great Blue slot means that whenever you get a win, you have the chance to gamble it in order to duplicate your winnings by choosing the correct card color. This is a great chance to win big if you have the nerve to gamble.

Great Blue slot game is appropriate for gamers who like the space of the aquatic sea theme combined with the intensity of a high variance game. The blue if the game and in the name of the game gives players a feeling of peace and cool, players will feel very relaxing and cool when playing this game, especially in the summer.

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